WHMCS Version 5.2.4 Release Announcement

ออกมากันแล้วครับสำหรับ WHMCS 5.2.4

[h=3]General[/h] Case #2139 - Updates to cron report email format to make it easier to read
Case #2045 - Added Affiliates Overview Report
Case #2053 - Added amount filter option to admin orders list
Case #2134 - Update to Transactions CSV Export to show Currency Code rather than Currency ID
Case #2045 - Domain Sync Cron Updated to not keep re-attempting to connect to the same registrar if a connection error occurs
Case #2045 - Update to Yubico module to remove hard-coded WHMCS references
Case #2115 - Fix for hard-coded text Manage and Disable in Client Area Domain Details Template File
Case #1880 - Update to Client Area Module Change Password in Default Template to return to password tab on submit
Case #1567 - Update to invoice generation process to not invoice billable items on new orders
Case #2127 - Added Support to Force Two-Factor Auth for Clients
Case #1852 - Fixed Missing Language Vars in Two-Factor Activation Process
Case #2058 - Within Last Month filter on transactions list updated to maintain between pages
Case #2020 - Language update to credit log to remove manual adjustment reference
Case #2057 - Admin manual attempt CC captures process updated to display processing results
Case #2064 - Update to continuous invoice generation logic to not invoice pending items on a recurring basis
Case #1950 - Update to admin Remember Me cookie name to resolve issues some are experiencing with remember me not working
Case #2123 - Added 30 minute time expiry to login failures IP logging
Case #2122 - Added support for wildcards in whitelisted IPs
Case #2118 - Update to Ticket Close routine to check ticket is not closed already before performing actions
Case #2117 - Update to logic of Ticket Notification Emails to only send to the assigned admin for a flagged ticket
Case #2045 - Update to admin ticket interface to not show replying message to own admin
Case #2045 - Updated clients summary view orders link to use new clientid variable
Case #2113 - Added access restriction to files that generate an error when visited directly
Case #2045 - Updates to Client Side Arabic, Farsi and Norweigan language files
Case #2045 - Update for jquery dialog to use new admin js variable
Case #2110 - Admin Area Homepage widget adjustments to optimise load times
Case #2063 - Updated Admin Credit Card Info Window to not allow viewing/input when credit card storage is disabled
Case #2109 - Updated Disable Credit Card Storage Security Setting to auto remove all existing card data
Case #2108 - Changed admin post login redirect variable to avoid possible confusion with client area redirect urls
Case #2107 - Update to auto focus cursor to first input box in login/two-factor verification and setup/disable two-factor processes
Case #2067 - Updated Default template to use a template include to remove code duplication
Case #1961 - Update to domain validation rules when IDN domains are enabled to perform stricter checks
Case #2098 - Cron update to allow cancellation requests to process for free products (those with no next due date)
Case #2039 - Updated module change password input field names in Classic & Portal templates + added backwards compatibility
Case #2047 - Update to ticket flagging logic to not send email notification when assigning a ticket to yourself
Case #2045 - Updated clients, orders, tickets & invoices filter lists to maintain filters on mass actions
Case #2044 - Update to support ticket department deletion routine to remove custom fields & their values
Case #2045 - Updated Admin Support Ticket Flagged Email Notification Template to link directly to the flagged ticket
Case #2016 - Added client name field to all data export reports
Case #2045 - Update to export reports to display friendly payment method name
Case #2018 - Added Registration Date field to Domains Data Export Report + Capitalised first letter of Registrar
Case #2007 - Cleaned up client area product details HTML output
Case #2045 - Added refresh protection to the client area affiliates withdrawal request
Case #2019 - Update to surpress Support Ticket Flagged notification for those admins it’s not enabled for
[h=3]Module Updates[/h] Case #2104 - Skrill Gateway: Re-branded MoneyBookers module to Skrill
Case #2036 - TPPWholesale Registrar: Fixes + Added support for registrar lock, private ns registration & epp code requests
Case #2045 - WebNIC Registrar: Updates to resolve problem with transfers & contact editing
Case #2045 - Plesk 10: Update to allow API packet version overriding
Case #2138 - CentovaCast: Update from them themselves for CentovaCast V3.x
Case #2137 - Project Management: Bug fix for staff log report always displaying a whole year rather than selected date range
Case #1941 - Project Management: Fix for status being empty for newly created projects
Case #2136 - Project Management: Update to replace .live discontinued jQuery functionality
Case #2135 - IPMirror Registrar: Version 2.1 Module Update from them themselves
Case #2032 - 2CheckOut: Update to language detection to work with new lowercase names
Case #2022 - DirectAdmin: Update to disk/bw usage stats importing to handle URL encoding being applied in DirectAdmins latest update
Case #2045 - PayPal Payments Pro Reference Payments: Implemented 3D Secure Functionality
Case #2015 - Enom: Added new extension field requirements for .es, .au, .sg, .pro & .it
Case #2015 - Enom: Updated to prevent WHOIS contacts being edited when disallowed by registry rules
Case #2015 - Enom: Updated TransferSync function to use more call effective method of retrieving transfer info
Case #2006 - WHOIS Server Additions: .rs, .co.rs, .org.rs, .edu.rs, .in.rs, .ae, .pw
[h=3]Bug Fixes[/h] Case #2141 - Fix for JavaScript Error Occurring in Product Domain Config Step of Modern & Slider Order Forms
Case #2140 - Correction to language variable for Bundle Items in Bundle Product Configuration
Case #2045 - Fix for domain renewals page in cart not listing all renewal term options
Case #2089 - Fix for Project Management Activity Log Pagination not working
Case #2133 - Fix for admin page field alignment when custom fields share same name as default fields
Case #1955 - Fix for javascript error in Original admin view ticket template
Case #2132 - Fix for Admin Initiated Currency Update displaying update results
Case #1930 - Fix for KB Category display articles shifting up to beside to sub-categories
Case #2131 - Fix for Vertical Steps Order Form Template Complete Step missing formatting
Case #2023 - API AddTicketReply command ignoring passed in adminusername variable
Case #2045 - Banned Emails Config Page always displaying an empty table
Case #2000 - Fix for one time fixed amount promo codes giving a zero discount on invoice under certain conditions
Case #2059 - Client area cancellation request cancel domain option non-functional
Case #2045 - Cookie unset not applying WHMCS prefix to cookie name
Case #2004 - Fix for client area support ticket list returning no results under certain conditions
Case #2070 - Fix for contact sub-account activation client side for existing contacts
Case #2009 - Fix for Mass Domain Enable Auto-Renew leaving auto-renew disabled & WHOIS Contact Info returning error
Case #2116 - Fix for CVV Number not being passed into 3D Secure process on new card entry
Case #2112 - Fix for contact ID setting being lost on admin ticket options save
Case #2024 - Fix for $invoice_html_contents email merge field displaying double line breaks in item descriptions
Case #2092 - Fix for product group order form template override not taking effect for all cases
Case #1972 - Anniversary Prorata not working correctly under certain conditions
Case #2061 - Admin notification emails being sent to disabled administrator users
Case #2031 - Cron notification email not listing service ID used in terminations list due to incorrect var
Case #2038 - Fix for payment gateway ordering in new invoice view
Case #2072 - Credit card remote token storage being called before new name/address info was saved
Case #2068 - Fix for predefined product price not being loaded correctly in quotes
Case #2068 - Update to states dropdown javascript to support tab index value being defined
Case #2010 - Fix for Client Area Two-Factor Backup Code Login Input Field Restriction
Case #2066 - Update to Default Client Area Products listing to not show dropdown menu if no menu items available
Case #2021 - MyIDEAL gateway module referencing incorrect path
Case #2005 - Product bundle display order not being honoured
Case #1289 - Added addon status change hook function calls to UpdateClientAddon API function
Case #2099 - Fix for link type custom fields saving values in an HTML link format
Case #2045 - Suspension Reason was not always being cleared on unsuspend
Case #2045 - Client stats for number of refunded/collections invoices were incorrect
Case #2027 - Fix for API GetClientsDetails function causing iPhone/Android App Failure
Case #2025 - Fix for invoice not displaying tax names under certain conditions
Case #2026 - Client area not displaying login incorrect message when login form submitted blank
Case #2046 - Update to prevent Support Ticket Flagged admin notification email sending upon unflagging
Case #2045 - Custom module action success language variable named incorrectly

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