WHMCS V5.0.3 Maintenance Release + iWHMCS & aWHMCS Updates

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WHMCS V5.0.3 Maintenance Release + iWHMCS & aWHMCS Updates

Season’s Greetings from all the team here at WHMCS! It’s fast approaching that festive time of year, but we’re not quite there yet and so today, we’re pleased to announce 3 new releases just in time for the holiday season…

First we have WHMCS V5.0.3. This is primarily a bug fix roll up release, containing fixes for all the reported issues since the V5.0.2 release last month. But also a handful of small additions, such as “Message Preview” functionality when composing custom and mass emails.

As this is a file based update only, no database upgrades are required and therefore no install/upgrade script. It’s simply a case of downloading the new files and uploading them to your installation. The version number in your system will then update automatically.

To simplify upgrading for those already running WHMCS V5.0.2, we have created 2 download options - there’s a full version to be used for all new installations and upgrades from any version earlier than V5.0.2, and an incremental version which only includes folders and templates which have changed, to make incremental updating a quicker & simpler process.

These are both available to download from the My Licenses section of our client area as normal @ www.whmcs.com/members

Full release notes and upgrade instructions can be found @ http://docs.whmcs.com/Version_5.0_Release_Notes

iWHMCS & aWHMCS Updates

We are also pleased to announce the immediate availability of updates for both our iPhone & Android mobile apps also. iWHMCS & aWHMCS Versions 1.5.

These updates are available from the respective mobile app stores (iWHMCS from the iTunes App Store and aWHMCS from the Android Market). Here are some links direct to the app listings:

iWHMCS V1.5 -> http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/iwhmcs/id343647658?mt=8

aWHMCS V1.5 -> https://market.android.com/details?i...s.awhmcs&hl=en

These updates introduce many new features, as well as improve upon existing ones and add further stability to the apps so please update and keep sending us in your feedback of what you’d like to see added to them in future.[/size][/color][/font]

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