Teach iDRAC

I’m looking for someone who can teach in medium level of English how to use iDRAC especially on servers with VPS’s

If your English isn’t that good it’s OK I can follow along with commands.

I’d prefer to do this at my house in Onnut but remote video can be an option.

You may try this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz60zgxqwRM

Thanks but that’s basic stuff I need to know more in-depth like when a VPS needs it firewall shut off how to get to it through iDRAC, or a user messed up their network configuration file and the only way in is through iDRAC.

the iDRAC is just like when you’re using monitor+mouse+keyboard directly in front of your server at IDC. If the machine is running hypervisor like VMWare or anything else and there’s problem INSIDE the VM, you may needed to connect to the hypervisor management portal (like vSphere), not the iDRAC.

iDRAC will have a use if you have a problem with the host itself.

Thank you

I am able to shut down and perform some other functions on VM’s through iDRAC wouldn’t that mean I should be able to perform more?

When you log into the terminal you log in with the portals password which gives you access to the VM’s

If you run your GUI from the same server you create VPS’s then the entire system is able to go down, not giving you access to any portal. But logging in through iDRAC and then terminal with the portal password gives you access.

I could be wrong in thinking there is more access, which is the reason I am looking for someone to teach :wink:

Ok, let recap again.

  1. Your cannot have direct access to VM via iDRAC
  2. All you can do is to connect to iDRAC and see the host machine console (same as what you see from Display)

So, the question is what is your host OS. Is it VMWare or Windows with Hyper-V?

If it’s a HyperV with GUI installed on the host. Then you might be able to go to VM though HyperV console. (Sorry, I can’t really tell you how because I’m never use HyperV)

If it’s a VMWare ESX, you simple got yellow screen since VMWare ESX doesn’t offer a way to connect to VM from host. The best you can do in this case is to enter ESX Shell and reboot, power on/off, vMotion etc. via ESX-CLI commend (Which is a difference issue than how to use iDRAC)

Using Virtualizor I log in through iDRAC and control the VMs it isn’t direct access if it is going through iDRAC.

Right now I am logged into iDRAC and just turned off a VM if that’s not control through iDRAC I am not sure we are using the same vocabulary. I can also edit a VM’s network config file through iDRAC.

If I can do that then I should be able to do more, I’ll keep looking on the net for more commands.

Thanks for your valuable feedback it’s much appreciated.

please note the first sentence of my previous post:

there’s many ways to access to your server. either SSH or go “in front of your server” and attach monitor, keyboard, mouse <-- this is how iDRAC works. but without needing you to “physically” go there.

In case you’ve already use Virtualizor (https://www.virtualizor.com/), there’s already web gui built in in every node you’ve installed it. Assume your server have an IP address of, just navigate to from anywhere that the network is reachable then you’ve got it all.

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