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We of Amicable Consultants Inc visited your website and find your hosting services to meet our desire.

Kindly set up a demo or trial account of your Cpanel, Webmail,
Hsphere trial sign up account for us to test with. Should it be able to send message to another domain, we shall get registered with your company.

Our proposed domain name is



ผมเลยตอบกลับไปขอ profile ของเขามาให้ เพืื่อ confirm ว่าส่งมาไม่ผิดที่ และได้รับจดหมายตอบกลับฉบับที่สองดังนี้

[color=red]Hello SmartWeb,

Thanks for your response.

Below is my details:

Name: Katharine Wright

Company: Amicable Consultants Inc

Address: 442 Auburn Road Hawthorn
Melbourne City Vic 3122 Australia
Tel: +610396884559

Anticipating details of the trial account after which I shall pay for a hosting plan.



Hi Katherine Wright

Your account has been set up with a 7 day trial account.

Your username is
Your password is located here:


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