Ransomware บน Smart TV

มาแล้วครับ เข้า Smart TV แล้ว

FLocker ransomware ที่เคยติดแค่บนมือถือ android มาวันนี้เข้าสู่ android smart tv เรียบร้อย

“The latest variant of FLocker is a police Trojan that pretends to be US Cyber Police or another law enforcement agency, and it accuses potential victims of crimes they didn’t commit. It then demands 200 USD worth of iTunes gift cards. Based on our analysis, there is also no major difference between a FLocker variant that can infect a mobile device and one that affects smart TVs,” Echo Duan of Trend Micro said in a post analyzing the ransomware.

Once it’s installed on an infected device, FLocker has the ability to avoid static analysis tools and will request admin privileges as soon as it’s executed. If the user denies the privilege escalation request, FLocker will freeze the device screen. Once it gets the admin rights, the ransomware will connect to a command-and-control server and wait for instructions.

“The C&C then delivers a new payload misspelled.apk and the “ransom” HTML file with a JavaScript (JS) interface enabled. This HTML page has the ability to initiate the APK installation,take photos of the affected user using the JS interface, and display the photos taken in the ransom page,” Duan said.

“While the screen is locked, the C&C server collects data such as device information, phone number, contacts, real time location, and other information.”


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