.ORG Cross Sell Promo @ $3/yr with OnlineNIC‏

Dear OnlineNIC Partner,

Effective immediately, OnlineNIC is proud to announce .ORG Cross Sell Promo!

If you have domain names registered in TLDs other than .org, like .com .net .eu .biz, etc, with OnlineNIC before 31st May, 2010, you are now qualified to register the corresponding .org domain names at net costs of $3, UP To 66% OFF!

For example, you have registered bone-idle.com with OnlineNIC, and now you can register bone-idle.org at only $3. If what you already registered was bone-idle.eu or bone-idle.biz, you can also get bone-idle.org at $3. The same goes for any other registered TLDs with OnlineNIC.

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