[/.] Low-Bandwidth, Truly Remote Management?

Low-Bandwidth, Truly Remote Management?

kaiser423 writes “I’m looking to integrate some highly critical solutions into what would essentially be a remote, moving datacenter. No operators will be allowed at the site, and we may be able to have a high-speed INMARSAT data link. As a backup, we’re planning to have multiple redundant low-speed Iridium data links. Essentially, we’re looking to be able to power up/down and reboot some computers, and be able to start/stop some programs. We’re willing to write the terminal interfaces necessary for our programs, and possibly do the remote desktop thing with some of our 3rd-party programs. But what is out there that would give us this type of access, work robustly over a high-latency, low-bandwidth stream, and would be tolerant to intermittent network outages? Please hold the pick 2 of the 3 jokes, I know they’re contradictory goals; I’m looking for a compromise here! These boxes would regrettably nearly all be running Windows (with some VxWorks). Does anyone out there remember those days, and have any solutions that they preferred?” Read on for a few more details of this reader’s requirements.Read more of this story at Slashdot.