eBay ซื้อ Skype


rfunches writes “It’s not a rumour anymore. BBC News online reports that eBay will pay ‘half the amount in cash and the other half in stocks to create an unparalleled e-commerce and communications engine’.” The $2.6 billion purchase would give eBay access to the VoIP market, of which Skype claims it has 2 million users online at any given time. BBC speculates that eBay will use Skype to allow sellers and bidders to communicate via voice; I have also heard that live auctions a la Sothebys might also be a possibility. Also reported at Wall Street Journal (registration), New York Times."

How eBay’s going to make money out of $2.6 billion?

Anonymous Coward wrote:
It’s quite simple:

ring, ring …

"Hello, this is eBay calling to tell you about some fantastic purchasing opportunities available exclusively to our Skype customers.

"Yes, sir, I understand that you’re eating dinner. No, sir, we do not have a no-call list, as we are not governed by-

"Now, sir, there’s no need to be rude. I’ll let you get back to dinner.

“… and call you back in five minutes. Every five minutes. Until you die.”