Directadmin 1.45.0 has been released


[COLOR=#333333]DirectAdmin 1.45.0 has been released.[/COLOR]
1.45.0 versions entry

This is a security release, as well as many new features and bug-fixes.
We recommend everyone update to this version of DirectAdmin.

[COLOR=#333333]To install this version, update normally:
[/COLOR]Admin Level -> Licenses/Updates -> Update DirectAdmin

If you run into any update errors, try updating manually.

[B][U][B]New features:[/B][/U]
[/B]Ability to bypass domain checks for restore with Multi Server Setup[URL=“”]Ajax checking on domain, Username, password forms (needs to be turned on: ajax=1)
Alternate email for high-volume messages, namely the brute force monitor (prevents inbox clutter)
Ability to add IPv6 IPs into your SPF records without needing templates changes.
domain exceptions list for subdomain_owners_check.
Custom per-User list of skipped paths in backups
send notice to email account upon hittng send limit (friendly html email)
Dynamic Backup paths based on the date[COLOR=#333333], eg: can have DA add /Wednesday to the path in your cronjob, if it’s running on a Wednesday.[/COLOR]
CSS tweaks to both the enhanced skin and the power_user skin[COLOR=#333333].[/COLOR][B]

[/B]Important security fix for memory issue. Will disclose more info in time.
dataksq uses 100% cpu with too many email deliveries
Disbale SSL re-negotiation to satisfy PCI compliance
rewrite inherit template changes for CB use_hostname_for_alias option

[B]Note, [/B]the style-sheet changes may require an F5 or ctrl-F5 browser reload.


น่าจะเพิ่ม feature ในปรับค่า nice ใน datasq ได้ เรื่องนี้ผมเคย email คุยกับจอน เขาบอกยังไม่จำเป็น. แต่ผมก็แย้งไปว่าในกรณีลูกค้า mysqldump ไฟล์ขนาดใหญ่ ๆ นี่กิน CPU สุด ๆ ที Backup ยัง nice ได้ ก็น่าจะแยก service อื่น ๆ ให้ nice ได้ด้วย



จัดไปละ ชอบตัว "Alternate email for high-volume messages"
ทำให้เราสามารถแยก email จาก brute-force manager ไปลงที่อีก email นึงได้