RedHat Enterprise 4



The 2.6 kernel is included in this latest version of Enterprise Linux. While Red Hat backported many of the key features from the 2.6 kernel into the 2.4 kernel offered in previous versions of Enterprise Linux, this latest version still includes some significant improvements including selectable I/O elevators, Reverse Map Virtual Memory, support for multi-core processors, and the sys_epoll system call.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 is the first commercial product to include Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux). SELinux is a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) security system for Linux, which allows finer-grain control over which users and what processes can access the filesystem. By default, a targeted policy is enabled. The default targeted policy affects the following daemons only: dhcpd, httpd, mysqld, named, nscd, ntpd, portmap, postgres, snmpd, squid, and syslogd.

In addition, Red Hat Enterprise Linux:

* Supports UTF-8 encoding by default for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean locales.
* Uses IIIMF for input of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean by default.
* Supports 5 Indian (Indic) languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, and Tamil. In addition, the high-quality Lohit font family for the supported languages has been included.
* Includes Subversion 1.1, a version control system designed to replace CVS.
* Includes Logical Volume Manager (LVM) 2.0 and system-config-lvm, a graphical tool for configuring LVM.
* Utilizes udev to dynamically manage the /dev/ directory.