Looking for IaaS hosting provider


I work at a company looking to launch a large scale platform for customers in Thailand.
Currently using Amazon Web Services but I’m looking for someone that can host our service within the borders of Thailand (where Amazon does not exist).

Preferably based on a similar setup to AWS with flexible IaaS such as Openstack or similar solutions.
We will need capacity for network peaks at 2GBit/s and good peering towards Amazon in Singapore.
There will be multiple machines (probably 2-5 to start with) for redundancy with performance of at least 2GB Ram, 2Ghz CPU, GBit nic probably more will be needed after trial period.
If IPv6 is supported, that is a welcomed bonus.

The operating system we use today is CoreOS, but any Linux based distribution will work if CoreOS is not supported.
English speaking support needs to be available 24/7.

Any providers out there with a suggestion that might match these criteria?


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