Invoicing Manager 1.3
Invoicing Manager 1.3 พัฒนาออกมาแลวครับ

[RELEASE] Invoicing Manager 1.3
Invoicing Manager v1.3 is a simple of use but powerful DirectAdmin plugin that let’s Admins/Resellers manage their client’s bills and Users view their invoices and easily pay them.

For those of you who experienced problems in the past with the version that Olivier delivered, please note that the product was sold and we will do our utmost to provide a good product.
Version 1.3 is a version that Olivier delivered to us with 1 difference, it checks 2 servers for the license, one in the US ans one in Europe. If the license is found on either of the servers the system will continue to work. This is the first step toward a solution that will be less dependent on our servers. We will probably implement something similar to DirectAdmin, a check every couple of days with a grace period.


  • Added 2nd license server, one in the US and 1 in Europe
  • Plugin under new ownership
  • Encoder issues fixed by encoding with ionCube in stead of SourceGuardian

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